Where do I find the "Restore Failsafe" - Option? -> SOLVED

Hello Everybody… I have just a quick question, I feel silly stupid, because in am struggling in the last step of the Firmware update-Procedure. Restore Failsafe to get Data back to the EEPROM

I red the instruction manual for updating the Firmware carefully and all worked fine so far, the update has been done successfully to the board.

Last instructions:

When you have uploaded a newer version of the firmware you must not forget to reload the EEPROM settings. This will update the stored values on the printer as these are not updated via the Arduino upload process. Go to the SETTINGS menu, then scroll down until you see RESTORE FAILSAFE, access this menu and the firmware will load the new values into the EEPROM, next choose the STORE MEMORY menu (also in the SETTINGS menu) to store the new values. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!![/quote]

Because its not mentioned the we need to change the program, I think it must be in the Marlin Program, I am using V 1.0.5-r2 (I did not find the V 1.0.6 as recommended). But there is no “Settings”-Menu available… Can you help me out? Where exactly do I restore failsafe?

thank you very much for your quick help

best regards

I found it.

Its on the Menu-screen on the LCD of the Printer!

Well, I leave this topic, maybe its helpful for someone else…

I really did not remember that there is also a “Menu” to choose… :slight_smile: Found it by random… hahaha

Thx anyway