Whats wrong with my printer

HI. I cant have a good print at all. This picture is a print from controller Board enclosure that is in tutorials of printer. Im using 3mm pla filament, 0.5 nozzel and a mirror on the heated bed. And I load the config of k8200 from the site to slicer software and printing with its default parameters.
As you can see I the print is dirty,the molten filament is over come from nozzle when its printint a tiny part and when the nozzle is traveling from a non printing section to a printing section.
What is my fault and how should I correct it

It looks like you may have the temp a little high.

PLA extruder temp 190C
If you are printing on glass put a little hair spray on the glass before printing.

HI. Thank you for your reply. As you noticed I use lower temperature for printing but not for first layer. I use 194 for first layer and 190 for next layer. Now I have better print but as you can see in below pictures I have some problems still.

In number 1 I have a good corner but in from number 2 to 4 my corners are awful. What should I do?

Sorry the pictures did not come through.

Sorry I edited my post you can see the pictures now.

It’s hard to say.

When you adjusted the reference voltage did you set it for 0.55?
When the filament is unloaded can you turn the large gear freely.
If not make sure the small gear and the large gear are not to close to each other.
Make sure the nut on the back side is not to tight.
Check the screw is the small gear is it tight? Don’t strip it (remember it’s a plastic gear)
Is the thermistor for the hot end properly positioned?