What power comes out of the vm130?


I installed the VM130 in my car. on 12V the leds and setup works fine.

but I dont seem to get ANY volts out of CH1 or CH2…

a little help please

I need to switch on/off a 12v Neon.

Do I need something else to generate the power?

CH1 and CH2 are relay contacts, they just work like a switch !

So the damn thing is broken from the start?


Only the resistance goes up.
No voltage what so ever.


That’s not what VEL456 said.

Perhaps you should download the document made by one of the Velleman guys from the link below.
It has a section on how to connecto to a relay output.

Hope this helps.

I understand the VM130 are relay outputs, however neither of the NO contacts register continuity with the middle COM when the relay is triggered by the remote. Could both relays be faulty?


This is highly unlikely.
Please make sure you did not make a measuring error.

[quote=“VEL417”]This is highly unlikely.
Please make sure you did not make a measuring error.[/quote]

Thanks for that, I thought so but I’m pretty sure my measuring is correct (using a multimeter with audible alarm when continuity is made).

When idle, COM and NC have continuity, when for example CH1 is triggered (set to 30s latch), no continuity registers between COM and NO, but it still registers between COM and NC. This is the same for both channels.

Am I missing something? :confused:

Check your power supply.
Most likely, it is too weak, which causes the relays not to energize.

Spot on! Many thanks, didn’t think of checking my testing battery which was down to 8.67V… :blush:

All sorted!