What kind of SD card for the VM8201?

What kind of SD card work with the VM8201 ?
Because I try with SDHC 8 GB, and the card don’t works……
I formatted the card, same thinks
The file on the card is .STL
Someone have a idea ?

Tested here already with a Kingston 32 GB SDHC. Works perfectly.
Your file should in GCODE! NOT in STL!
So first, push your STL file through Slic3r, Cura, … and then put the generated GCODE file on the card.

One thing I noticed Nico, I cannot use the SD card from inside Repetier, I save the G.Code to the SD card while it’s in my laptop and move the SD card to the display after it has finished.

I could not get Repetier to mount the SD card and this works fine in this way.

Once you have a file you should see it if you go through the menus in the display.

I only use a 4GB SDHC SD card but it works fine.

Hope that helps


I would like to pick up this question
I installed the VM8201 and everythings seems ok on the display, but he won’t recognize any SD-card.
I tried a micro 16gb with adapter and a SD-card of 8gb

Maybe another type of format (FAT32?)

On the display of the VM8201 it says ‘No card’
Can I do something with the command ‘Init. SD-card’?

The file I saved is a Gcode in the slicer of Repetier v1.6.1


If says no SD card you will need to use the Init SD card command.