What is your perferred programming environment?

Which programming environment do you like the most? Do you like the new free flavors of Microsoft Visual Studio or do you still prefer the good old Visual Basic 6 compiler more? Maybe you like a more open source environment like Dev C++? Have you tried Small Basic yet?

With this poll we hope to get a better understanding of what programming environments are the most popular at the moment, so give us your vote :slight_smile:

i wish i could tell you!!

but i’m not that experienced

i would say borland C++ because its the only programming language i know (was shown it briefly at college as i have said before.)

the c++ we used had no fancy screen (black), it just pumped out questions etc waiting for keystrokes to be made to make hardware do something)!!

Very little votes, but it seems like Visual Basic is winning

i’m not sure that 2 people would count as a runaway landslide of votes.

i’m assuming that velleman might be putting together a software package to make the k8055 work for people who don’t already have some advanced level of computing knowledge?

Can you please post examples in PowerBASIC PBwin & PBCC too
Thank you

I use VB6 almost exclusively for PC applications. The IDE and compiler are fast, as are well designed applications. Most recently I authored a commercial application for monitoring a vehicle’s OBD2 data via a Bluetooth connected device, it works like a champ on XP, Vista, and Windows 7…

This application is over 10k lines, uses three commercial ActiveX controls, and the SQLLite database.

VB6 is a long way from dead, in fact MS says they will support VB6 apps at least through Win7’s lifecycle–they have to as there are so many VB6 commercial applications out there.

I agree that VB6 is very easy to use but a concern is that the VB 6 compiler can’t be obtained for free + it can no longer be purchased, making it hard for beginners to jump into it…

This poll has nothing to do with the K8055, but it is interesting to get feedback as to whether things have changed over the past few years in terms of what environments are still being used. We may use that knowledge for future kits

I would like to say Matlab, but that’s not an option. :confused:

having bought a k8055 not realizing that i needed to know programing i looked at most of the programing environments available, :open_mouth: boy was i shocked. but the only one that made any sense at all was vb2008, struggled, played, asked for help, struggled some more,bought a book nd read a little, and with constant head scratching i think i’m getting there.
wish i had paid more attention in mafs @ skool :laughing:

I believe the Visual Studio line has become the new preferred environment because it’s free and it has a lots of books and examples available.

I am a professional developer using Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET so that is my preferred environment.

I come from a background of TrueBasic (aimed at methematical problem solving) and Visual Basic (from 3, through to 6) and have used Delphi in past as well. I no longer use those as they aren’t used in the organisation I work for.

The .NET tools may not be the best for interfacing, but this work s for (and obviously others) due to be the environment that we’re comfortable in and as mentioned by someone else, there are lots of resrouces out there for new developers.


It’s not on your list, so I will cast a write-in vote for LabVIEW.


It seems that Visual Basic .NET is the winner, followed by Visual Basic 6.

I’ll be starting a poll soon on LabView to see how much and where it is used, because the name pops up every now and then. But if i’m not mistaken there is no free version of LabView available on the internet…