What does this?

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my first screen shows;
2022-05-03 12_43_24-af198533-b726-4101-88f4-80fd36215a09.jpg - IrfanView (Zoom_ 928 x 1237)
!00% what is 100%??? Can turn it from 0 to 200 or more, but does it something??
Who knows?

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Hello !
I don’t have a Vertex Delta (but a K8400) and this is probably the “Feedrate pourcentage” this equivalent in g-code is M220 ( see Set Feedrate Percentage | Marlin Firmware )
To avoid ending up with a possible modification of this one during a previous printing, I added a “M220 S100; Set feedrate to 100%” to my start-up g-code.

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That is de percentage of your print speed.
If you turn your yellow knob (during printing) countercheck wise you will see the percentage decrease (print speed will slow down), turn it clockwise and yes, it will increase (print speeds will speed up.)

Hi @MeesterVince,
You are correct, just checked, it is normal set to 100%, i have seen that it was reset.
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