What are your settings?

I’ve been trying on and off for the past few months in between school to get my vertex printer to actually print a quality object. I’ve managed to get a nasty looking cube with ugly edges and breaks everywhere and all the adjustments of the settings in the printer and software has left me with little patience. Can someone who has their printer working show me their complete settings in the repetier software (I’m using cura but i’ll use anything that would work better) and the printer itself so I can get at least somewhere close. Any help is appreciated.

More likely it’s a calibration problem: http://www.k8xxx-3dprinters.crimed.be/w/index.php?title=XY-Carriage_Alignment
Cura settings depends on used filament type etc. On this forum you will find several posts about settings. But calibration is mostly the key…
To get specified answers after a proper calibration, upload pictures of your print so we can see what’s happening. My experience is you’ll get a fast answer then :slight_smile:
Also take a look overhere: https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/

About pictures on this site: Put your pictures somewhere in a cloud like Dropbox and copy a link in your post.

In addition to what SVDV’s advice go into the configuration for Cura.
Change the retraction to 3 or 4 mm and the retraction speed to 110mm.
If you are printing with PLA set the temp to 190C ABS 220C
This is a good starting point.

And also reduce the flow to 75%. Use 0.6mm walls, linear infill with 10% overlap. Activate the cool head lift option.