Whadda WSL209 RGB light organ

Hello, I bought in the past few days a brand new Whadda WSL209 RGB light organ. Remarkbly enough there is no assembly instruction to be found over the internet. Can I ask someone to send the assembly instructions for the Whadda WSL209 to me? Thank you in advance

Hello @UEG_1978

It seems that there is no documentation available yet.
And the photos do not help identify all of the component placements.

Maybe @VEL450 or @VEL342 can help…

Hi @UEG_1978

It seems like the link to the manual is not on the product page. We will fix that soon!

You can find the full assembly manual here: 3 Channel RGB LED light organ (WSL209) - Whadda - Manual Platform - Category

Hope you have a nice time soldering and playing with this RGB light organ!


VEL342, thank you very much! This will be very helpful as I have a guideline how to do this. Best regards