WFS210 iOS App

As the problem with this App has not been solved after such long time
I can hardly believe that it did work ever.
On the other hand the PC version is running well. Waiting for next years
positive news…

Regards unclePP


We’ll release the firmware update this week.
When the app is updated depends on the certification time of Apple.

Did you really release the update?

Regards unclePP

I have updated the wfs210 ipad app but I still can not connect.
The app tell me to update the firmware, but I can’t find it…
Please give me a link to the new firmware for os x…

This is the firmware for the WFS210. …

You’ll have to burn the firmware with a Pickit or a ICD. The PIC is a dsPIC33EP256MU806.

Or alternatively bring it to a local dealer maybe he/she can fix it or send it to our repair service.