WFS 210 Android app - restrictions?

While I can run the iOS version on my iPad, I am still trying to run the Android version of the app on several android devices.
So here are some questions:

  1. Is it possible to download an APK for manual installation ? I actually even installed Android SDEs to compile it myself, but that did not ork out.
    Also, I think it is a very bad habit to reply “you find the source code here… and the protocol here” on most of requests which go further that whan the software does.
    While a lot of people are able to use a scope, not all of them have to (or want to) be software developers as well… Actually, it seems to me that WFS 210 and the corresponding software will soon be called EOL since even retailers flush them from their stocks now.

  2. What is the exact reason for restricting the use from Android 4.x up (Is it even 4.4 ?) ? I have an older tablet which would probably work fine as a scope monitor, but does not have Android 4.

  3. What is the reason or difference for restricting the use for tablets only? As requested from other users before, I would like to use a smartphone to run the app.
    Why am I not allowed to install and use the WFS210 app on an up-to-date smartphone with Android 5 - which for sure will have the power to handle the software load - but ist just restricted because being a “phone” (“Play Store: this device is not compatible”) ? Phones even have 7" displays now and the computing power.

While I think that the idea of the WFS 210 is just great and it could be a real amazing tool, reading a lot of negative reviews of the product and the app make me think that the product lacks backing support from its own manufacturer. Please convince us of the opposite…

Thank you and best regards,



The WFS210 user interface is designed for tablet only this is because it has the largest view area + space for buttons.
On a smartphone all the controls would be hidden by menu’s to maximize the view area.

We use OpenGL 3.0 to draw the signal which is only available since Android 4.3. (To be honest it can be done without it)

I can give you the apk but as you stated you have older devices so it wouldn’t work or the layout would be messed up.

Best Regards