Wave sequence

1-pcgu1000 wave sequence only working max 1000 kh and I need use 2000 kh.
2-can use direct power from auto battery 12 v

1- There seems to be a bug in the software. Will be fixed and I’ll inform you the link from where to download the software.
2- The generator is designed for 9V. Put a couple of diodes (e.g. 1N4005) in series if you connect it to car battery. Pay attention for the right polarity (+ to the middle of the plug)!

I have problem with changing frequency can send me modified configuration file PCGU1000.BIT

Could you please describe what kind of problems you have.
In the original version there is a pause when any changes are done. In the modified one the pause is removed.

if use one high capacity waveform, between two frequency i have short
cut form last waveform

Now there is no break when the frequency is changed.
Updated file sent to you for testing.

The drawback of this modification is that when changing the waveform type, a “mixture” of both waveforms is sent for a short period of time.

You may download the updated files from:
vel255.diinoweb.com/files/PCLab2 … nterim.zip

If you do not like this feature then you may remove PCGU1000.BIT and rename the PCGU1000.BI_ to PCGU1000.BIT. You’ll get a little pause when setting is changed.
There are some oscilloscope screenshots in the download package of both cases.

thank you for fast reply,
wave sequence and generator working without any problem.
how I can use this generator with other pc generator software.

Could you please explain more detailed what other software you mean?

for example tetronix arbexpress program.

Yes you can.
Export the data in CSV format to Excel
Copy the waveform data from column A to the Wave editor of then PCGU1000.
Here some examples:

Copy to Wave editor:

Real world output:

I know this process.but how can control PCGU1000 direct via this software or intuilink wave editor?
how can send direct waveform data via this software to PCGU1000?
otherwise how I can use your pc lab program with other pc generator?
and how i can make connection between your program and other pc generator?
hope I can say what i was mind

The Intulink seems to be able to control only Agilent type 33120A, 33220A or 33250A Generators.
The ArbExpress seems to be able to control only Tektronix AWG400, AWG500, AWG600, AWG700 and AWG2000 series generators.
Direct control of the PCGU1000 from those programs is not possible.
Also the PCLab2000 environment can control only Velleman products.

Maybe no link software is possible to make…