VR618 servo breaker

I finally managed to build the 6 legs 18 servos version using li-po batteries and BEC regulators so it can work for hours with no energy issues… but the problem I’m facing now is that it tends to break the knee servos due to the strength it makes at such point.

I’ve replaced all 6 knee servos with fresh ones (official Allbot servos) but as soon as it stands up and walks a few steps, one of them is broken. Sad…

Has anyone here be able to build and use one? Velleman, what have you to say?



Been wondering about a hexapod build myself (see my recent post - http://forum.velleman.eu/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=17587 ), and am wondering if the strong / high torque metal-geared micro-servos like these:


…would be better? I assume the Allbot servos have plastic gears that are stripping? or does something else break?

Are the Allbot leg servos the “Micro Servo” size, or standard servo size? If they are standard size, then you can get even stronger servos… I have some beefy ones on my 1:8 scale RC monster truck for steering.