VR408 - problem with centering and moving

I have problem with VR408. At the beginning it was problem with centering pic1 -

After exchange servos, robot is centering in this way: (pic, pic3).

But after uploading example sketch it doesn’t work fine: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1iafz15hqkn4ig/20180619_074745.mp4?dl=0

Can you give me advice what is wrong?

pic2, pic3 -


Hi Botland,

Can you post a picture of the servoshield which shows cleary where each wire of the servo goes to?
I suspect some servo’s aren’t properly connected, please double check the wiring and check in the example sketch if you don’t need to flip the servo(programmatically).

connection are the same as in your manual:

Yes the connections looks OK.
Also the servo’s look correctly positioned.
Then there’s one thing left. Did you correctly centered the servo’s?

I send you pictures after centering. (pic2 and pic3). Your manual doesn’t show robot after centering.

Wires are ok. Can you give me short movie which show centering and which show what robot do with example sketch?

Please try this.

Power the allbot make sure it stands up.
Remove the power.

Now check the movement of the hips. how far can you manually move the hips?
If you can’t get the full range of motion out of it. It means the plastic part is attached at an incorrect angle.
Please then remove the small black screw that connects the servo and the plastic part. Put the part under the correct angle should be around 45 degrees now. And fasten it.

Centering a servo just sets the servo under the correct angle. when you then mount the plastic parts it assures it’s under a correct angle.

When I disconnect power, I have full range of hips.

Second picture which I sent you show robot with example sketch with:
BOT.attach(hipFrontLeft, A1, 90, 0, 0);
BOT.attach(hipFrontRight, A0, 90, 1, 0);
BOT.attach(hipRearLeft, 9, 90, 1, 0);
BOT.attach(hipRearRight, 4, 90, 0, 0);

BOT.attach(kneeFrontLeft, 11, 90, 1, 0);
BOT.attach(kneeFrontRight, 2, 90, 0, 0);
BOT.attach(kneeRearLeft, 10, 90, 1, 0);
BOT.attach(kneeRearRight, 3, 90, 0, 0);

Loop() is disable.

I think this is problem with centering, because every servos is moving. But I don;t know how robot should look like at the beginning with original example sketch. Can you give me a movie?

Ok i did a test this is how it should look with your code.

now it is working fine.
Thank you for help!

Great to hear!
Glad it’s working now