VR001 unusable on Honor 10, looking for a workaround (Resolved)


I have tried to use VR001 module but unfortunately I didn’t succeed to use it with my Honor View 10. Thus, as my phone has an “in-built” IR, I wanted to use an Androïd IR remote application. I checked that communication is OK betwwen samrtphne and VRSSM IR module, I have retrieved commands strings into the allbot documentation but an information I have not seen is the IR protocol used. I’m far to be an IR specialist (in fact I’m a newbie in this!) but I saw that different IR protocol exist like NEC1, NEC2…

Does somene know which protocol must be used? is it a velleman protocol and if yes how to retriiive ptotocol specification? Or do you know if someone succeeded to do what I’d like to do?

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Hi Meziane,

We are sending regular UART data at 2400 baud via IR.

The protocol can be reverse engineered by the arduino firmware
but an command look like
<WF 1 200>\r\n
WF is Walk forward
1 is how many steps
200 is the speed
and put it between angle brackets

Or check the app

Hope this was usefull


I come back late as I tried to solve this issue and to give to Allbot user some workaround, here after the result, I hope that it will help Allbot users.

When I saw that IR components was not very efficient with my smartphone and as it had an integrated IR facility, I looked for a IR remote control on Google play. I tried several without success until I found one which seemed usable. Unfortunately Allbot IR protocol was not recognized. So, I sent a mail to the developper and he/she was nice enough to work on this subject and, most important, modify his/her apps to adjust it and to comply with Allbot protocol and also to build a specific ready-to-use parameter file for Allbot (based on the programming example given by Allbot documentation vor the 4 legs robot).

The app is called IRControl and is developped by CEC (Chaos Entertainement Communication Gmbh = http://www.cec.gmbh/ircontrol_en/. First of all, I’d like to precise that I don’t have any link with this company.

IRControl is an app to emulate/replace any infrared remote control.

2 versions are available:

  • free version with commercial announces. With this version you can try the predefined Allbot parameters/commands for 14 days or, implement by youself all commands and screen layout (could be a little boryng and complex).

  • the other version is a paid version (8€) and with it, you can import directly the parameter file for Allbot (files extension are= 'ipac"). Of course, once downloaded it is possible to modify parameters (or add/delete IR command)

The company site gives a good help for those who’d like to go deeper into the application. To use it, it must be downloaded via Google store and the different files are available on the company web site.

Here after a screen shot of the command (as said fully customizable)

I hope that this will help other Allbot users!


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