Vortex nano 3d printer

my vortex nano 3d printer the sd-card will not show up

Hello @jarnobeerten

Trying to understand your issue …

Is this a newly built Vertex Nano or did the SD card reader have recently stopped working ?

Have you after inserting your SD card, select and click the “init. SD card” item in the LCD screen menu on the Vertex Nano ( and so, did the item “no SD card” change in “print from SD” ) ?

Or are you trying to access an SD card in the Vertex nano from “Repetier” software from your computer connected to the Vertex Nano via USB ?

What kind and size “GB” of SD card (if more than 16GB this is maybe the issue) ?
Have you try another SD card ?
Did your SD card is formated in “fat32” ?
Did the gcode file name use simple charset and dont start with a point ‘.’

Or is your issue something else ?

Trying to help.
Have a good day !

Its new printer but if i try after adding sd card in the slot and press init sd it will not show up the message says No Sd Card

Hello !
So this could by the SD card or the Nano vertex SD card Reader …

Have you try another SD card ?
What is your SD card Size : 8GB ?
Are you sure your SD card is fat32 formatted ?

Some dust or bad contact in the SD card reader ?
Wrong card insertion ?

Edit 1 : Directly soldered so no cable (but if you can / know check the soldering of the card reader)
Nop see edit 1 : Some defective cable or cable connection issue ?

Sorry no magic anwser …
Hopping this help
Have a good day

Fat 16 was it i bow formated it to fat 32 now it works space is 16gb

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Hello @jarnobeerten
Happy for you !
May you have some good printing !

So this topic is solved !