Voltage values of the driver board dont stick

Does anyone else have problems with the voltage calibration of the (x) driver board? I put it nicely in 0.905…
Checking it after the next shifted print. . It is at 1.98 v.

Can anyone offer some advice? Tnx

Ps: now my first print succeeded! Ik lowered the printer very gently after voltage re-calibration. Finally!:slight_smile:

Strange problem.
Are you experiencing this problem on all stepper drivers?

No… It is only the x-driver

Now, after my first succesful print, it has jumped again from 0,905 to 1,649.

Just to be able to check and compare to the other boards: is there a rotational restriction to the setscrew? (even though it is not really a screw)

Normally there is…
We’d be happy to check out the driver and exchange it if necessary.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, nobody knows what’s happening here I suppose. I will send a message to receive more instructions. I would prefer to buy a new one, before I send away the old.

In addition:

The voltages of the X driver change buth downward and upward (last time: from .915 V to .670 V) during a print or over time. I suppose some vibration is needed… ?
The endstops of the screws are still there and functional. I did not reach them before, but I now have turned the setscrew both ways slowly, to find them. They are comparable to that of the other boards.

I suspected my measuring device which is low quality (Stalo 106505) , but it measures a steady value at the other boards.