VMM002 advanced kit io manual?

I’m newbie in the use of a micro:bit with the VMM002 Advanced Kit. Strangely, there is no manual available, if you compare with the manual that come with the other kits like https://www.velleman.eu/downloads/29/vmm501_a4v01.pdf
And there is no descriptions of elements included in the box. Most are not too difficult to understand. But have you clues about the kind of buzzer it is, and what is the small element that have a kind of zig zag radiator on it? The 2.2K resistor is legible, but the other is 4.7K or totally different when reading the color code? Many thanks for help.
See picture on https://citerne.speculoos.com/s/6zB4HcayfExAcxL

Hello Crickxon,

The resistors has 5 bands.

1st type resistor: Yellow / Violet / Black / Gold / Brown => 47 ohm 1%
2nd type resistor: Red / Red / Black / Brown / Brown => 2.2 k ohm 1% (2k2 / 2200 ohm 1%).

The component with a kind of zig zag radiator is an photoresistor (LDR) or light-dependent-resistor.
more info: LDR - Photo resistor - Wiki

The Buzzer is an MagneticTransducer (external drive type).

You can also use the manual of VMM501 to make circuits and program de microbit.

more info of the microbit can be found here: Micro:bit info


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