VMA440 FTDI connection problem (FT232 to TTL)

I just bought a VMA440 FTDI programmer (FT232 to TTL), but it seems does not work.
In fact, when connecting to USB port there is no change in the device manager.
I was expecting at least to see USB device appear and to install a driver, but here nothing. No new device, no new USB, no new COM port…
Probably I miss something!
Can someone help?

Hello Philmar,

Normally when You connect the VMA440 to a USB port a bleu LED will be ON (power), and the device will automatically recognized. A new COM port will be assigned in device manager at Ports (COM & LPT).

No driver necessary to be installed.

It seems there’s something wrong with Your module. You can bring it back to Your local shop where purchased for exchange.

Regards Velleman,