VMA419 and NodeMCU pinout

I have a Great problem with NodeMCU and DMD419. The pinout is not corrected…

Can you send to me what’s the correct connection please?


No idea? I need a response

Hola, ¿alguna solución?

Could you clarify your problem in more detail please.
Is it a problem with the panel or nodeMCU?

The problem, is when I try to connec the Velleman nodeMCU port with panel, because don’t there are any info about pinout connection.

Another problem is, conected with Velleman arduino UNO, when I change in the code the horizontal or vertical variable, from 1 to 2, and with the cable from output to input in second panel (with current and GND shared in all modules and arduino) don’t work correctly. Work in separate panel but not altogether moving in marquee.

Hi? Can I have an answer ASAP? PLEASE?

Pls check this link out.
I think your nodeMCU is based on the ESP8266

Right, this is a solution with pinout problem, but not the marquee problem with the variable.

Hi!!! Any answer? I need one

Hi, Velleman guys… any answer? working on it?