VMA412 information

I have a LCD display VMA412 unused for a long time due to lack of suffiecient documentation. By trying with supplied test programs (many of them not directly working) I could verify many details important to the user but not shown on the very short manual. Why is Velleman’s policy not to show the schematics. What is the pinout of P2 and the signals ( pin 1 is 3.3V, pin 2 is GND, pin 3 is SD_DO, pin 4 is SD_DI etc). Are the outputs limited to 3.3V to be able to connect to e.g. ESP-devices. What is the current consumption. What is the function of 2 '245 type buffers partly connected to P2. Touch screen properties and calibration need more information. It would take several hours to work out the schematics risking to break the LCD.

Hello Epietari,

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