VMA405 - cannot load library

Trying to load the library for this board and, each time, I receive this message:


[] [HFjvFqIp] 400 invalid_request: attribute “name” of request is missing and required, attribute: name, parent: request

I’m following the instructions in the guide PDF to the letter - is there something wrong with the library?

After you unzip the library copy the folder and paste it into the library folder of your software.

Let me be more specific: I’m using Arduino Create - create.arduino.cc - on a Pixelbook and, when I import the .ZIP file as the program instructs, I get the aforementioned error. Arduino Create only imports the ZIP file. There isn’t a copy/paste operation. I even tried unzipping the archive, rezipping the two items, and importing that. No good. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the file?
I am able to import other libraries successfully.

Any possibility of someone from Velleman answering here?

Have reproduced the issue on Chrome OS, Mac OSX, and Windows.

I think I found it.

Velleman - your library is not formatted to Arduino’s standard. Please read THIS and update your materials.

To use Arduino Create.cc with this library:

  1. Download the .ZIP file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Create a new folder titled RFID
  4. Place the RFID.H and RFID.CPP files from the unzipped folder into this new folder
  5. Zip this new folder and ensure the .ZIP file is titled RFID.ZIP
    Create.CC will now accept this file