VMA354 TUYA IoT with Arduino UNO


I bought a VMA354 Tuya IoT Interface module to connect an Arduino UNO to the Tuya Cloud. I cannot test it because all the examples given in the Tuyav librarie (Tuyav-master) exceed the Arduino UNO memory space. Space for data is 2048 and the space used by the examples are always > 2048.
It is mentionned is the documentation that an Arduino UNO can be used, and in the code itself the wiring to connect an Arduino UNO is provided.
Could you tell me how to use this VMA354 module with an Arduino UNO please ?

Thank you,

Hello @JCO

Sorry not an arduino expert …

Maybe reading this will help you to find a personal solution :

But a ticket on the github report something like your issue

So maybe, create a new ticket on the github for your specific issue.

Or this could be an issue due to the Arduino IDE version you are using …

Hoping this help, have a nice day !

Hello @PPAC,

Thanks for your quick answer, and you give me the solution !
This issue was effectively reported in the github link you posted.

I have downloaded the old version of the library (1.1.0) and now only 55% of SRAM is used, instead of 128% with the last version (1.2.0).
So, for future users : if you want to use Tuyav (VMA354 module) with a lite Arduino version (UNO, Nano …) do not install the 1.2.0 version.

I would appreciate an answer from the Velleman support team (already seen on this forum) , and it could be fair to inform the customer that the last version of the library is no more compatible with the ‘old’ low memory Arduino.

Thanks again,

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Hello Jean-Claude,

We have seen this post, there’s indeed a problem with the max memory of Arduino Uno / Nano being exceeded with the latest library version 1.2.0 from Tuya.

This has now been passed on to our R&D engineer. This is being investigated. As soon as we have a fix it will be posted here as well as on github.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

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Thank you for your answer, for the moment I use the previous version 1.1.0.
I would like also to known how to find the VMA354 documentation full manual.

In the source code given in the library it is mentionned as comment :

  • — TUYAV example program —
  • v1.0 by BN&PSI @ Velleman NV - nov 2020
  • works with VMA354 Tuya IoT interface
  • This example program shows you how to interface with the Tuya IoT interface board & how the timing function is called
  • for the full manual, please visit https://www.whadda.com/product/VMA354

I cannot find the manual following the given link : https://www.whadda.com/product/VMA354

Could you please tell me where I can find it ?

Thank you in advance

Hello JCO,

There’s no full manual. Because all the steps are commented in the demo sketches.
Normally this will explain how the library / functions works.

This sentence wasn’t correct. ==> " for the full manual, please visit https://www.whadda.com/product/VMA354 ", our our apologies!

This had to be: " for the full product info, please visit https://whadda.com/product/tuya-iot-interface-wpi354/ "

In the meantime, this has been adapted to the examples on the Github page Tuyav library .

Best regards,
Velleman Support