VMA337 data sheet


on the VMA337 module, I see two connector called Y and G, do you know how to tell me their use?

Because, I do not see anything in the data sheet.

Can you help me find a solution to use two VMA337s with an LCD at the same time, because all three components work in I2C and I am a little lost โ€ฆ

Thanks in advance :wink:

Hello @Hydroen

In the manual of VMA337 or WPSE337 on topic ยง6 page 3 states the following about Y and G pins:

Y: XSHUT: Digital input to shut down the module.
G: GPIO1: Interrupt output. Open drain output.

Further in the datasheet page 6 & 7 (marked in fluorescent) you will find this about these pins:

Both pins Y (XSHUT) & G (GPIO1) are not used in the example code manual.
See the VL53L0X data sheet for more information.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support