VMA209 used as a people counter with alarm

I want to share folowing project with the community.

Do to the covid pandemic my students are using this as a context for their programming context.
They are going to build a gate to controle the amount of people that can enter a building (restaurant, amusement park, public library, …)

Because today there are also a max visitors allowed in stores, and many other buildings they started with a counter and sounding an alarm if the max capacity is reached.
For doing that we used the VMA209 shield because it has a 4 digit 7 segment.

The reset functionality is because some facilities have 1 in and another exit. There the rule can be X persons every 30 min allowed in.

The program is available here : http://olc-stem.be/ARDUINO/VMA209.ino and i have documented every line of code in the English language.

Also for students its a nice example of edge detecting the buttons instead of signal detecting.
and setting priority between multiple buttons when pressed simultanious.

If there are questions, you can ask here.

The dutch documentation : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXb2bk0JWoAfZgCLQYWHb34HdgFSu9Obv

You may use this project to promote the VMA209, the context used is reality today.