VMA05 Relais-Shield for Arduino


My VMA05 Relays-Shield doesnt work.
I can see the leds flashing and hear the relays switching, but they wont close the circuit.

Maybe i made a mistake, i dont know much about electronic (but i need to switch something ;-)).

There are three Pins on each relays, but i cant detect any change the Relays switch.
By the way, i checked it with a circuit indicator, nothing happend.

Is the board defect, or is it my fault?

All beginnings are difficult!



You should look at page 4 in the following link.
This is a rough example of how to connect a relay.


Thank you for the guide :slight_smile:

Thats the way i already tryed with the circuit indicator, but there comes no “beep”.
The program and the relays are switching, but i cant measure any loop.

In my view, its a simple switch, but its not switching :frowning:


Are you running everything from USB? or do you supply external power. Just USB power maybe not enough to fully switch the relays.