VMA03 without an arduino

i want to use the shield without an arduino. I just want to connect the Motors and give a 5 V ttl on the pin 2.
Does that even work without an arduino

Interfacing with it is a bit more complicated but sure you can do it without an Arduino.
I found this which can help you

Thanks for the quick help.
The problem is that i dont unterstand where i have to connect my wire at the arduino.
i have a 5V Connection at the botton of the shield. Is this the 5V power supply for the IC?

No the 5V comes from the Arduino you’ll have to supply it by yourself

Okay.But from where comes the 5V from the arduino?

From the USB connection or from the DC Jack

Could they use the DC connector and set the jumper to EXT?

High all,

i have also an question about tje VMA03. Is it possible to control a 24V stepper motor with this board? I want to use a 24V 1.8A Siemens LOGO power supply but is it possible?

The specifications off the stepper motor are:

  • Haltemoment: 60 Ncm
  • Strom pro phase: 0.67A
  • Power: 24V
  • Wilerstand pro phase: 5.6 Ohm
  • Inductivitat pro phase: 4.2 mH
  • Tragheidsmoment: 9 gcm²

I didn’t try it but i want to be sure that nothing explode when i connect everything.
What do you think?