Vm8201 kills usb-connection?

i installed the vm8201 Controller with sd-card as directed. including the Firmware-update and update of repetier-host.

the Printer did its Job, nothing to criticise.

then i wanted to use the usb-connection again, since it is more informative to get temperature Graphs for instance.

the PC however is not able anymore to send commands, although repetier-host Switches the button green to “connected”.


  1. is it worth trying to find a mistake/Option or is the usb-connection killed once the Firmware-update plus vm8201 is installed?
  2. in case of: yes bouth varieties are possible, any idea where to look, what to Change?

i really hope for the dubble-use-version,

thanx for support

in printer configuration u have to put the value “Disabled” on the combo box “Reset on connect”, and all will be ok :wink:

thanx a lot,

it works now from both directions!

but i wonder where you find out things like that!

does any detailed Manual exist?

No manual, I saw the tip reading the forum one day I had this problem too.
U will learn a lot of things here, trust me :wink: