VM8095 playing wrong folder


I’m using the VM8095 with a programmable controller as a cheap and easy status anouncer.
For this I have 4 mp3-files stored in the folders A-D. I have assigned the external dry contacts to the respective folder via the VM8095-programmer. The programmable controller activates the needed file via relay.
The programmable controller only activates one button at a time. The buttons are programmed to be activated for exactly 500ms.

This works fine, however 3-4 times a day the wrong folder is played (e.g. the programmable controller activates folder A, but folder C is played).

How can I solve this problem??

I think you have now the relay contacts connected between the connector J9 terminals and GND.
This should be OK.

Possible reason to the problems may be some sort of electromagnetic disturbance either radiated or conducted from the relays.
You may try to move the relays as far as possible from the VM8095 card.
It may also be good idea to use twisted wires between the VM8095 card and the relays (this reduces the radiation).
You may also add some small capacitors 10nF…100nF between the J9 pins and GND.

I have a similar problem with the device.
difference is that it evolves from sometimes to permanent.

device does what is expected of it, 7 external buttons that always activate the right folder.

after a few weeks the wrong folder is sometimes activated.

a few weeks later the problem is more frequent

now after 10 weeks it is the case that the mapping is
A = A
B = D
C = D
D = D
E = E
F = F
G = G

when I operate the device via the PC software I get the same behavior
if I replace the device with a new device, the problem is solved immediately

I report this here because it is the second time that this problem occurs
last time the device was replaced by distri.
is cumbersome to do this every 3 months …

please advice

Best regards

with the previous device was the corrupt mapping
A = A
B = B
C = C
D = D
E = G
F = G
G = G
new device is working properly again …

It seems the buttons are reassigned to play these file in folders.
Please see manual p.9: “Procedure to re-assign a preset push button”.

For example, when the audio file in folder A was ended or the Pause button was pressed, then if any of the buttons B-G is pressed long, the folder A will be assigned to this button.

You can reset the unit to its original factory settings:

  1. Disconnect the power adaptor.
  2. Press the Play button and keep it pressed when the power is connected again on.
  3. Now you should see on the LCD text “FACTORY DEFAULT”.
  4. Then release the play button.

THX. That is the solution. Mapping is back original.

Best regards Marc