Vm8095 playing random at power on

I have a VM8095 and want him to play randomly mp3 at power on. The device should have no other triggers then power on/off. Actuaĺly i have to press button 7 to start.
Regards Rainer

It is possible to start the player automatically when powered on.
Here are the settings to do:

  1. Press the Play button SW1.
  2. Keep push button SW6 long pressed so that you come into the setup mode, press
    once shortly to go to the “play mode” setting.
  3. With the push buttons SW4 / SW5 choose “Startup play on”.
  4. Press SW6 to confirm the setting.
  5. Press SW7 to start random play.
  6. Long press SW1 to put the player in sleep mode to save the settings.

Next time the power is turned on, the player plays all songs in random order.

To restore the player’s original factory settings:

  1. Disconnect the power adaptor.
  2. Press the Play button and keep it pressed when the power is connected again on.
  3. Now you should see on the LCD text “FACTORY DEFAULT”.
  4. Then release the play button.

Many,many thanks, now it works perfectly. The player will no “get hidden” behind a mirror in the guest toiletroom and will play music for them…

No problem. Glad to be of assistance!
Nice application too!