VM8095 not reading SD card

Hello forum,
I bought the Mp3 player Vm8095 from Vellemann (finished
assembled). Unfortunately he does not read my songs from the SD card. I have
Tried 3 different cards, but without success (format FAT
Default). Then I tried again with FAT32, even without
Success. The card is recognized, but the songs are not, even though they are in the
Mp3 format are stored. There is always the message “no file
Found, Replace,Restart” when i press the Play button.
Before I agree with it, that the reading instrument is broken I would like
ask here if someone has / had the same problem and possibly one
Knows the solution.

Thank you in advance,

Greetings Kurt

Are the MP3 files with file extension .mp3 ?
The player detects only this file extension.

Yes, the file extension is .mp3!

You might try a different SD card.

If there are several partitions on the SD card, the player may not locate the mp3 files.

I tested 4 different SD cards, no success

On the SD card is only one partition. Formatting was done with the SD Card Formatter by the SD Card Association.