VM8090 - How to power leds

Hi I have a VM8090 card and I am trying to light up one led on every port 1-8, and I can’t get it work…

Here are the data…

I have connected a powersupply to the powerport (12V 300mA) and the LD11 lights up.

I have light up all of the ports and all of the LD1 to LD8 is on.

Now I am trying to connect the LED to port 1 like bellow

NO— minus ---- led -(+)-------------
1— ---(470 ohm 0,25W) resistor ----

If I connect the led+resistor direkt to the powersupply it lights up with no problem…

And it dosen’t work, what am I doing wrong ?

How should I do ?

A classic:


I tried that one to…

But without power on the AC/DC port…

So if anybody else get this problem, you need to power the card with a powersupply to get the relays to work…

(I dident know that, my think that the usb connection was enough power for the relays…)

Thanks for the support