VM211 Earth Listener Viewer - Windows Application [forum exclusive]

Hi all!

A good friend of us (Joel), has made a a small Windows application to display the data logged by the Earth Listener. It works by loading the log file on the SD card into the program and then displays the data in a convenient way.

We offer this exclusively to our forum members to have a first preview!
You can download the software here: https://velleman.bitrix24.eu/~qLlYy

The zipped package includes the executable and the source code (developed on Visual c++ with mfc).
Nothing special about this tool, it is intuitive to use. In the “examples” directory, are stored the some .CSV files that Joel has used to analyze and fix the logs…

Since the EarthListener is not using a real-time clock and is logging the amount of seconds since the boot, you can set the start recording data manually, so this is fixed in the reporting tool.
The application can also split a file which contains several recordings.

“VEListener” is much more comfortable and reliable than using Excel and it can open very large files, what Excel cannot do. Have fun with it and be sure to leave your feedback here!

Kind regards,

@bert.test, @pz83, @Guus.Assmann
something you might find useful :wink:

Thank you Pieter (and Joel) for thinking about us :slight_smile:
Installed and took a 5 second look at it.

Got message “Sorry, could not correctly split the file…”

No time at the moment but will take a closer look end of next week.
(Time - you know)
Am I to report things like this here?

Away for a few days, so hoping for no lightning near here during that time (Fingers crossed).
If you like, I would not mind some moderate - safe - lightning in Belgium or Germany.

Poland has really had enough for a while (Serious about this).


Is it still possible to obtain the application? as the link appears to be broken.



Sure thing @Florus , you can download it here: https://we.tl/t-ranN7b95b0 (version 2.0)

@VEL342 , thank you for sharing.

After trying to load CSV file I get the following message:
I only created one CSV file, one recording why is the application splitting the file?

Hi @Florus , can you share your CSV file?
We will check what is going on.


@VEL342, yes I will do.
2 other things I noticed:

Sudden jumps in TVOC and eCO2, stabelizing back again in about 30 seconds
00 14:04:11,20.14,61.37,1015.21,-16.84,432,4
00 14:04:21,20.13,61.31,1015.24,-17.11,439,5
00 14:04:31,20.15,68.40,1015.22,-16.95,1768,208
00 14:04:41,20.16,63.79,1015.22,-16.93,877,72
00 14:04:51,20.17,62.86,1015.27,-17.39,597,30
00 14:05:01,20.17,62.40,1015.20,-16.82,500,15
00 14:05:11,20.17,62.12,1015.17,-16.51,475,11
00 14:05:21,20.17,61.99,1015.24,-17.33,454,8
00 14:05:31,20.19,61.88,1015.27,-17.54,448,7

And TVOC and eCO2 data randomly missing, starting after 20 hours and then occurs more frequently:
00 20:30:51,19.78,59.64,1015.02,-15.16,889,74
00 20:31:01,19.79,59.61,1015.00,-15.07,880,73
00 20:31:11,19.79,59.68,1015.06,-15.58,
00 20:31:21,19.78,59.66,1015.00,-15.08,
00 20:31:31,19.77,59.68,1015.06,-15.55,
00 20:31:41,19.78,59.68,1015.03,-15.30,
00 20:31:51,19.77,59.66,1015.08,-15.72,880,73
00 20:32:01,19.77,59.61,1015.09,-15.82,870,71
00 20:32:11,19.76,59.66,1015.06,-15.55,857,69

don’t see any relation but, I might oversee and can be related to the splitting issue.

Upload Datalog and the 10 split files.

Thank you

Hi @Florus,

We have tried to simulate your problem, but were unable to get a similar result.
Indeed it might be that because sometimes values are missing, the software is seeing this as an unexpected end of the file and splits it into multiple files.

We will keep you posted if we find similar behaviour.
Kind regards,