VM208 Set up help required for beginner

I just receive my VM208 but cannot install it. It is not recognized and I dont have MAC address to create new device in box. How to do ?


First connect the VM208 via Lan cable onto your router. Onto the same router your PC / notebook / smartphone is connected to.

Then open on your notebook the “discover tool”.

Normally the VM201 should appear in this list.
and the received IP address from DHCP server router is shown as well.

For now, you can see the VM208 in your router DCHP list, and the mac address (for LAN connection).

Now you can setup it for wireless (WiFi) connection.
When connected, you’ll see in router Wlan DHCP list the wireless mac adress of VM208 (WLAN).

All info to setup: [2. Getting started]

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Velleman Support