VM208 - error after FW update


I have troubles with portforwarding. I cant find where i can change the port. So i did a port forward from external 8250 to internal 80.
I have set a fixed IP x.x.x.250
without succes, there for I tried a FW update, but since then the device doesn’t show information.

Is there a possibility to do a factory reset?

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Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that there is no option to reset the module. However, you can return the module to the store where you bought it. They will initiate the RMA process for you.
You can add this forum post as a complaint description.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding.

Velleman Support

thank you. I already orderd a new device. installed it, but then again the portforwarding is not possible.
I do not find the option to change the port. Is there another work around please?

All the best

Hello @ChristopheB

The best way is to first update the firmware to the latest version before changing IP settings.
Latest firmware VM208_v1_4_4 is available from here: https://fileport.io/Z6cX4rqRv1G8
First update the SPIFFS (spiffs-v1-4-1.bin), after this then the firmware v1-4-1.bin

After reboot, then leave your network type at “network settings” at DHCP.
After restarting VM208, you will automatically obtain a local IP address for your VM208 from your router (provider). Via the Discover tool https://cdn.velleman.eu/downloads/files/downloads/vm208_software.zip you can find your module in the network with the associated IP address (from DHCP server router). record this obtained local IP. The web port of the VM208 is always 80 and cannot be changed.

You can now set the obtained local IP address (DHCP) as static in the network settings VM208. For example, if your obtained IP is:, this is as follows:

Network type: Static
Local IP: (local ip of VM208 received from router DHCP)
Gateway: (Local IP router)

For forwarding, you need to open an external port in your router with a trigger to the internal port 80.

E.g. obtained IP address: webport 80
An example of forwarding for this example is as follow:
choosen external port: 1080 (check if this port isn’t blocked by your provider and can be opened)


Best Regards,
Velleman Support