VM206 Autostart on power on?

Before buying the VM206 module, I wonder if the timing sequence starts when power (12VDC) is applied or do I have to manually start the sequence by pressing the start button .
I would like to use a “On delay” which starts when power is applied (to delay the start of a circuit which should then stay on until power is disconnected).
Do I have to bridge the start button in closed position?


Yes, in the “Programmable timing sequence” mode when the “Auto Start & Repeat” is selected, the timing sequence starts automatically when the power is applied .
In this example there is first 10 seconds OFF period and after that the relay turns on and stays on for 2000 hours.

Please note:
The maximum event time is 1000 h.
The maximum number of timing events is 24.
In the “Auto Start & Repeat” mode the timing sequence is repeated forever until the power is disconnected or the the Start or Reset button is pressed.


Thank you!

Yes, that seems to be a viable solution for my needs.
This cycle will only repeat once every day (24 hours).

So this “Auto Start & Repeat” option is only available together with Timer Mode 10?
Would be great if this was an option for all modes.


Thank you for the suggestion.
If the firmware will be upgraded, this feature can be considered.

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