VM205 software update - anyone interested in my version?

I see the VM205 software is written in Pascal (Lazarus on the Pi). I’m a Delphi developer, so I installed Lazarus onto my Pi and have started tweaking the VM205 software.

Is anyone interested in an update at some point? I need to check the VM205 software license but assuming I can stay within the confines of whatever license it’s using, we should be able to tweak the software and pass it around (they did provide the source code, after all…) I could make a downloadable executable for the Pi2, and put the source in GitHub etc for people who also want to tweak further or recompile for their Pi variant.

Right now I have it saving your ‘last used’ settings, and I’m about to have some means of saving images (JPG, PNG) from the scope. I also thought about how I might ‘save’ a waveform and them allow you to superimpose it on the live incoming wave etc, and another idea was a means of producing a GIF or some other kind of movie of a live waveform.

If anyone has suggestions or features they’d like to see, please do shout, I’m happy to have a go at it. :slight_smile:

Hi Rob,

Would you be willing to supply a link to your GitHub project please?



[edit] Come to think of it, I think some info about using Pascal / Lazarus would be welcome to… [/edit]

Hi, I know I’m late :slight_smile: Im very interessted at you software Project.
tyvm greeetings G.

Hello I’m new and I would like to create my application oscilloscope and 10-channel logic analyzer I do not know how to take it please there is not another programming language outside the pascal? WHAT IS THE PLATFORM FOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT HOW TO TAKE