I want to use VM204 to send an e-mail if an entry has changed.
I have tried everything but it doesn’t work.
both port 25 and 587, 465, 26 I have tried. Also with and without the TLS check mark.
Can you indicate what is going wrong?

I must be doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

I have also make screenshots but I don’t know how to upload th on e pictures on this forum.

Which email service are using?

You can upload a picture to a website like imgur.com and paste the BBcode here


See: dropbox.com/sh/bnjwm621si1z … pblna?dl=0


See: dropbox.com/sh/bnjwm621si1z … pblna?dl=0[/quote]

Can you help me with the problem?

Hi I use these settings.

If you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled.
You’ll have to make an App Password