VM204 with problems of communication

Hello to all,
I have a VM204 (firmware ver. 1.1), but I have some problems. In local mode (LAN) it works perfectely, but when I go in remote mode (by Internet) the comunication is very bad. With Firefox in local mode it works well, but in remote, via internet IT HAS NEVER WORKED! By IE It works, but It is necessary to update very often the page to refresh; if not, it do not work (commands are not received) or work bad (sometimes command ON and it goes OFF and viceversa). But If I refresh the IE page it start to works well (for a short period). Consider that Internet connection is good, and I have two IP cameras that works perfectely. Sometimes I have to disconnect the IP cameras to allow to VM204 to work.
The problem is to understand if the command is really send, acquired, executed. To understand It I have connected the relay output with the input, so if I command ON and I see also the input ON I have the sureness that this command is really executed. But in this way I have comsumed one input. Another negative fact is the commands are in toggle mode, so it is not possible, for certainly of execution, to push more times the same pushbotton. If we had two different pushbottons (one for ON and another for OFF) It should be possible.
So the device works, but it is necessary a very skilled operator, is not for everyone!
I think that a new SW release should be improved, so I ask if It is on Your programs.
Thank You
Marco Gori