VM204 System Compatibility

Hello everyone on the forum.
I had already written some time ago about security on the card recalled from http …
I still try to post some problems I have with this model, even if I am beginning to believe that I have wasted time and money.
I have a project to power devices using the board’s relays. In practice, my idea was to call the bees of the card through a web page in javascript. My problem is that I have to be sure that the call is being made from a specific device, so my idea was to be able to enter some code on the card’s WebServer to block calls from unauthorized devices.
Now, I haven’t been able to connect to the device in any way except port 80.
But the discovery program on windwos 10 doesn’t work.
On Android it tells me that the program is pre an old version of the operating system and may not work. In fact, despite being in the same network, the card is not seen in the discovery, nor by the program for updating the FW.
I would really like to have some support, to understand how to interface with this card.
I hope someone will answer.
Thanks to anyone