VM204 - CORS error in webapplication


I am currently setting up a VM204 module, but would need a small custom webapp for the users to see the state of the selected relays - and resetting to a default state. To make this more user-friendly for users I am developing this app myself, so they only see what they really need.

This application is basic html/javascript, runs on localhost:8000 on a simple GO http-server and uses fetch to call the API.
When I call eg. /api/relay/toggle?relay=1,2,3,4&key=**** I see and hear the relays toggling, but in my request, I get a CORS-error, so I don’t see the states of each relay - needed to update the view for the user.

When I call the api via Postman or in my browser, I get the correct reply.

Is there a way to set the Accept-Origin header on my VM204 to * - or can I upload my webclient via FTP to the board? This way the CORS problem would also be solved, and I wouldn’t have to deliver an extra webserver to the user.

I would prefer a solution, without having to rebuild the firmware - but if that’s the only solution, so be it.

Kind Regards