VM203 and PIC16F15313


I am using the Vm203 for programming 12F505, 509 and 16f526.
Now the 12F509 will be / is already replaced with the PIC16F15313 device.

Will it be possible to use my VM203’2 with the PIC16F15313?
PicKit 2
Appl. Vers. 2.61.00
Dev. file vers. 1.61.00
OS firmw. vers. 2.32.00


I’m sorry - it seems that this is not possible.
The PIC16F15313 is not supported by PICKit 2.

Thanks for information.

So I can just use the VM203 for the PIC versions listed in actual selection list?

No upgrade available and or possible cause of physical limitations?



Yes, this seems to be the case.

The VM203 is PICKit 2 compatible programmer. So MPLAB X detects it as PICKit 2 and can’t use it to program new PIC devices.
The VM203 hardware can maybe do it, but there’s no software support for it.