Hello , is it possible to command the vm202n module with transistor or optocoupler as button ?
Is pin 3 = ground , drauwing give for play/pause : pin 2 -> button -> r 33K -> pin 3 could i use pin 2 -> C npn E -> r 33K -> pin 3
i have try with an bc547 transistor and an TLP523 optocoupler and it do not work .
Thanks for some help
Greetings Edwardus

Hello , and many thanks to velleman , years ago a simple tel call or email to Eke in ower flemmisch and an answer was sur in short time , now i have to try englisch at my age and after months no answer .
Between i have try more with this vm202n module , the play/pause button with 33K and an BC547 works with a pulstime 500 ms with arduino delay 500 . Next that is without R and the same pulstime works somtimes , sometimes it go in pause and the continue the same or better the volume go down , this is also with pin 3 short with a wire to pin 2 ( no transistor ) . I have now try with a verry short wires tutch , it have a few times go to next with that . Previus with 15 K seems to work . What is wrong with this vm202n module .
Hoping this time on an answer , of do i take my car and drive to Eke
Greetings from an hopeless edwardus