VM202N - start/stop sequence - saving the position of play?


I planning to build a very simple MP3 Player for my grandma (with big buttons, just start/stop etc…) and thinking about buying the VM202N to do so.

The main purpose is to listen to audio books. Hence my question is:
Can the VM202N save the position of play in order to start at the same point of the story again after switching it on/off???
Inm other words:
Does the VM202N saves the “position” where it stopped playing the mp3 files? So when you switch it on again, it does not start at the beginning/first file again?

If not:
Is there a possibility to do so?
E.g. just leave it on “pause”, even for a couple of days without a negative impact on the device or the usb stick?

Thanks a lot in advance and all the best

You can leave it on pause for a couple of day, it will not wear out the USB stick.
Just make sure there are no power supply interruptions.

Nice project!

Hi again,

thanks for the quick answer, helped a lot!

Now I’m having another question:
I would like to connect the mk190 directly with the mp3-player vm202n. I already tried it, but it only works when there is a plug in the stereo jack (even if not pluged in anywhere else).
So how do I have to connect from the 3 points (R, L, GND) to the 5 points of the audio jack of the MK190

Sorry for bothering you if this is too easy, I’m a beginner :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best

Most likely the jack connector also includes some kind of switch, which explains why it does not work without jack inserted.
We’d recommend to desolder the jack connector.

Hello guys,

I have to build a player for a store which starts a song based on a movement senzor. I want to avoid any stops and fail to start situation on the device and also I need to prevent premature restarts before the song (60 seconds) ends, so please help me with this.

Context: DEVICE is not PERMANENTLY conected to power supply. it is conected after the movement of an individual and a “on delay relay” pushes the play button for 60 seconds. (to have time to boot up)
After these 60 second the power comes off.

Is this all right this way?

And if it is not alright and I send only a short contact (similar to a touch of a key) and I have only one song on the USB stick is it alright to push next to play this only song?

And a few more hints for me:
1.How do I add a stop function at the end of the song? (to avoid all the power up and power out)
2.If it is on stop, what does it do when you push next os previous?

Many thanks in advance.

Make sure there is only one song on the stick and stretch it by adding a silence so that the total time exceeds 60s.
Make sure the timer is non-retriggerable.
Now, every time the timer is triggered, it wil turn on the player for 60s and it will not restart until the song has played completely.