VM202N no sound


No sound is playing on my device,
I can say that if I use a USB key, the key led is flashing, so I assume that the board see something (file) on my key.
Mp3 is 128 kb/s so seems to be OK.
I have also tried a SD card (tested working in my car) but no sound on VM202N
Do you know if the key (SD card) need to be formated in a particular way ? FAT16/FAT32 ???
Also, does the card or the USB key need to be a specific size ?
Important question : doc says automatic playing at power on, but does the 5 pin connector (with LED, and push buttons) are “always” needed if you want an automated plauyer ?
Documentation is far than complete unfortunately…
Thanks for you help.

Gerald (COY)

If you tried with several cards and/or sticks, then we have to assume that the module is defective.
In such case, please return it to your distributor for exchange.
Sorry about the limited info regarding the use. We have sent many requests to the manufacturer, however they do not seem to be able or willing to supply more info, which is not uncommon with many Chinese manufacturers.
Normally, there is no need to hook-up the button and led if you want to use auto-play.