VM202 - Wish list for a variant


VM202 looks terrific, but I didn’t buy it (yet).

In fact, I’m looking for a module which could play MP3 or WAV files from a device (I would prefer a (micro)(mini)SD card, but a USB stick could do the trick, dispite the compatibility problems), but I would like to interface the module to a PIC so that it could play or stop any track at any moment, as ordered by the PIC.

The MP3 or WAV files would be loaded on the storage device by a PC, so a common FAT file system should be advisable.

No user interface needed (nor LCD neither keypad), but only an interface (SPI, I2C, RS232 or anything) to a microcontroller.

The goal is to add some sounds, voice and music to an old pinball game (I know you have some pinball specialists down there in the “basement” :wink: )).

The module should be able to react quickly to orders like “Play track xxx”, “Stop playing”.
Nice to have would be the control of the output volume by the microcontroller as well.

If you’d got any plans or ideas, I would be delighted !

Have a nice day,