Je n’arrive pas à configurer les paramètres pour pouvoir recevoir un mail lors de l’ouverture d’un contact sec. J’ai essayé avec plusieurs comptes types GMAIL, SKYNET, HOTMAIL mais toujours le retour erreur envoi mail.

Merci d’avance

The VM201 does not support SSL or TLS which is required by Gmail, Hotmail and Skynet/Belgacom

THANKS for this answer!!

I was really pulling out my hair, but now that I know that the SMTP demon in the VM201 does NOT support SSL/TLS, I know the reason that email never worked.

There are VERY few mailservers that work without SSL/TLS.

So, what can I do now??
For all owners of a VM201 the email feature seems to be Out Of Order… which is really a pity, because it was one of the VERY nice features of this card!!

Is there a trick available to send email from the VM201?? and bypassing SSL/TLS ??

Or do you know mailservers that still support non SSL/TLS mailers??

Maybe better (but easier said than done): add a SSL/TLS option in the next version of the firmware.

Would be great to hear from you, thanks in advance.

Versionstuff in my VM201:

VM201 Ethernet Relay Card
Build: 1236
Build date: Sep 07 2012 08:56:42
TCPIP Stack: v5.42


Does your ISP offer email accounts?
Maybe this will work.

[quote=“Wrong Way”]Does your ISP offer email accounts?
Maybe this will work.[/quote]


Yes, they offer email accounts, but unfortunately: SSL/TLS only…
I really don’t see ANY solution for this problem…