VM201 dead or what?

Hi everyone,

My VM201 (after many years of good service) is unreachable on the network. RJ45 socket does not blink anymore. After some checks, I figure out that even the small screen was half black, half white. I have two (maybe one, my eyes are too old to distinguish it clearly) red leds right above the power supply socket. No other sign of life … Power bank is delivering a correct 12V power.

I’m desperate as this card was doing a great steady job over the last years. Any idea to bring it back to life ??? PLEASE !!!

No one really ? Someone from Velleman wrote me in an email that tech support was reading the forum and that I will get help here …

What voltage are you measuring across C31 and C30?

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Hi VEL337,

Can’t come across C31 and C30… where are they ?

(thanks for your help)



you rock !
c30 6,3V
c31 9,9v

Seems like something is wrong with the power supply.

C31 should be 5V and C30 should be 3V3

The power supply is the sole and unique supply I’ve used since the beginning with the card.
It shows 13v

Sorry i mean the power section of the board.

If you wish, you can return the unit for inspection/repair to:
Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

I’m going to try with an other one.
Should it be alternative or continuous ? (Presently alternative)

You can choose either one but i think the VM201 power section is faulty

How much can I expect ? (Postage excluded)

I have no idea.
The repair department will first analyze it and will send you an quote.
After that you can decide if you want to repair/exchange it or not.
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Ok sounds good ! If I decide not to repair it, will I have to pay for the analysis/quote ?

You will not be charged for the analysis/quote

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Ok fair deal ! How should I proceed ?

Just ship it to the repair department with a note with your problem and/or a reference to this topic post.

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I’ll do that ! Thanks for your support ! I’ll let you know when ship is on its way.

15€ to send the card … and no idea what the fix would cost… I prefer to go for another product of another brand. Sad that the card is faulty.

That too bad :frowning: