VM201 App is NOT optimized for the iPhone5?


I have the VM201 and I like it.

But I have one question:

I’ve downloaded the latest version (v1, dd. 1st of Dec 2012) of the VM201 App (for IOS) on my iPhone5, and in the App store screen, under details, it says:

Compatible and optimised with iPhone5.

Well, when I run the program, at the bottom of the screen there is a button called: ‘All off’

It’s not working, so I’m afraid the VM201 App is NOT optimized for the iPhone5.

Can you elaborate on this??

Best regards

Robbert /PA3BKL

You are correct, the “All off” button is not responsive at all. We will have our developers look into this and we will post an update as soon as this bug is solved.

Thanks!! An updated iPhone 5 savvy version would be great.

I checked on my ‘old’ iPhone 4S and there that button works like a charm.

Then a question on the VM201 itself.
It’s an absolutely great device, but the email notification functionality is quite un-usable IMHO.

Velleman Support told me earlier that the mail-client in the VM201 does not support SSL/TLS

It simply means that the mail notification function is of no use if there are NO mailservers that will work without SSL/TLS.
GMAIL cannot be used, and also my own ISP (XS4ALL) SMTP server requires SSL/TLS, even on port 25

I wonder how your development dept tested the mail functionality.
Maybe they used their own local mail server for testing??

Do you know any mailservers that work without SSL/TLS ??
Would be great to know at least one.

Robbert /PA3BKL

Regarding the iPhone 5 issue, we have informed our app. developer. He will look into the problem.

Next, regarding the mail issue:
Unfortunately, we do not have the means to test everywhere and with every provider.
Here in Belgium, our main provider is Telenet and it works fine. At the time of development, encryption was not an issue.
Nowerdays, apparantly it is. Unfortunately, the memory of the VM201 controller is too limited to add mail encryption support.
Future products will include encryption. Basically you will have to use a provider that allows unencrypted mails, to use the mail notification option.

Bonjour , j’ai installé l’application VM201 sur un iphone4 mis à jour avec IOS7 et cela ne me permet pas de rentrer adresse ou identifiant. aucune fenetre à remplir ne s’ouvre est ce que cela vient de l’ios7 car cela fonstionne niquel sur mon ipad non mis à jour ?

Le VM201 app ne permet pas d’entrer l’adresse.
Il faut voir sous ‘Settings’ de votre iPhone, puis tout en bas vous trouvez ‘VM201’

Nous avons testé avec iOS7 sur iPhone4 et ça marche.

Bonjour , effectivement je n’avait pas vu dans les reglages iphone. Je suis sous android et ca ne m’a pas affiché la même méthose. J’étais perdu.

Un grand merci !!!