Vm167 (card 0) & Vm167 (card 1) can't syncronize together

hi. i have a problem using 2 vm167 together. I have a project using VB 2012 on windows 7 x86
i have allready made the first card (card 0) and the second (card 1).

and in button_ klick i have this code

Cards = OpenDevices()
Select Case Cards
Case 0
Label_cardsaddress.Text = “Card open error.”
Case 1
Label_cardsaddress.Text = “Card 0 connected.”
CheckBox_card1.Checked = False
CheckBox_card0.Checked = True
CardAddress = 0
Timer1.Interval = 100
Timer1.Enabled = True

        Case 2
            Label_cardsaddress.Text = "Card 1 connected."
            CheckBox_card0.Checked = False
            CheckBox_card1.Checked = True
            CardAddress = 1
            Timer1.Interval = 100
            Timer1.Enabled = True
        Case 3
            Label_cardsaddress.Text = "Cards 0 and 1 connected."
            CheckBox_card0.Checked = True
            CheckBox_card1.Checked = True
            Timer1.Interval = 100
            Timer1.Enabled = True
        Case -1
            Label_cardsaddress.Text = "Card not found."
            CheckBox_card0.Checked = False
            CheckBox_card1.Checked = False
    End Select

the problem after trying to plug and unplug the USBs again and again seem to fixing… but after restart i have again the same problem…

i tried it and in other pc and i had the same problem.

if noone knows something about this would be helpfull!

The card address jumper J5 cap should be set only in one card.
For more info please see also: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8462

i have allready set the jumper j5 in one card not both. and i have allways the same problem… but when i try and try again and again by switching the USB ports in the end they work together…

Does everything work fine if you use only one card (with jumper J5 set or not set)?
Do you see any difference if you make the tests with the other card?

generaly the vm167 has problems with voltage? I take power for my system from the 5V pin on the card… i though that if i have voltage drop cause of that voltage providing made the USB link is disconnecting instantly.

Does everything work OK if you do not draw any current from the +5V pin on the VM167 card?
You should not take more than some tens of milliamps from the +5V pin.

No i have the same problem and without providing voltage from the +5V pin

it’s like i lose one of two cards… if i replug in the USB from the card i lost seems to fix the problem but not for long time.

when i lose the card i meen that by pushing the Button in VB 2012 to set a digital pin the program and the card don’t respond to my action.

Can’t be programming mystake… i tested it with the example program for card too and i had the same problem.

Does the problem occur also with the programs DEMO167.exe and DIAG167.exe ?
If yes, does the problem occur only if two cards are connected to the PC ?
Is there no problem with single card if address jumper is set or not set?

Have you tried with the drivers VM167Driver and VM167DriverWinUSB ?
I think the driver VM167DriverWinUSB (v. should be best for Windows 7.

You may test with one card:
What does the OpenDevices return in these cases:

  • One card with the address jumper J5 set is connected (should return 1).
  • One card with the address jumper J5 removed is connected (should return 2).

Note: The USB cable must be disconnected when the address jumper setting is changed.

if i have a system made on vm167 with more than one power sourses 24Vdc - 6Vdc - 5Vdc (from vm167). Could the problem comes from grounds? For exaple if i return in digital pins (5,6,7,8) power more than 5Vdc this could make my system unstable and cause this problem?

I have a system with transistors and relays i give power from VM(5V) to transistors and reinforce the power with a 6V battery. Then i go to relays and come back to VM(digital pins 5,6,7,8) with 6V power.

Grounding may be the issue.
Please do not connect any voltage to the digital pins directly.
Instead use always series resistors to protect the VM167.

Hi i have the same problem
I bought two specifically to get more adc
even the demo does not see both
windows 8
I can use one as 0
or the other as 1
but not both
even the demo does not recognise 2 cards

please help

Is it always the card connected to the same USB socket not detected?
Can an individual card with address setting 0 or 1 be detected if connected to any of the USB connectors?

hi Yes
I can swop the card and change the jumper and it always seems to prefer to read the card 1
it always cancels the 0 card out
i.e change jumper
plug cards in
read cards
it only sees card 1

sorry re read your post
it does not seem to have anything to do with the port
I have 3 ports on my laptop
can use any of them

If you are now using the drivers VM167DriverWinUSB (v., uninstall and remove them.
Then unplug and plug the VM167 card and install the driver located in the folder VM167Driver (v. and try again.
Check in the device manager that both of the cards are now using this driver v.

Still nothing even in demo
if I plug in only card 0 it shows
as soon as I plug in card 1 with card 0 and click open it goes to card 1
driver version is 1006

got it thanks

Have used VM167 for some years in a customer project.
Sometimes one card is connected some times two.
Up to now everything works just fine.
When running on Windows 10 version 1803, having only USB 3.0 ports I also get the problem described above.
Using one card works fine, problem comes when two are connected. Sometimes I can get connection to both cards, depending on order of insertion of USB plugs and to what ports.

The problem occurs only on machines having USB 3.0 ports, windows 10 machines having USB 2.0 is OK.
I have tested with just bare VM167 boards and also updated drivers to latest.
Suggestions ?
Please help!