VM167 analog inputs usage

I’m waiting for delivery of my new vm167. I would realize a fader unit to drive, via the five analog inputs, my vb.net program that send commands to dmx units.
Can you please give me an example scheme using 5 sliders?
What’s the value of the sliders?
Did I need an external supply?

Thanks in advance.

Please see this thread how to connect the slider: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2458

[quote]What’s the value of the sliders?[/quote]The input resistance of the VM167 is 30k. You should use 1k - 10k slider potentiometer to get good linearity.

[quote]Did I need an external supply?[/quote]No. You can use the +5V from the board.

Thank you very much for your speedy and precise answer!

Now I have another question:
I’m implementing my vb.net program with vm167 management.
There is a conflict between the vm167 mpusbapi.dll and the same distributed with dmx-510usb unit.

If I use one, don’t works vm167 functions and vice versa.

For now I bypassed the problem writing two applications communicating via tcp socket, but there is the way to merge the two dll?

I hope you well anderstood, because of my bad english.

There is an alternative driver for the VM167. This driver is in the folder \VM167DriverWinUSB.
This driver is not using the mpusbapi.dll.

You can use this driver if you have Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

I saw it, and I have win7… but I’m developing with no installed driver at all.
I don’t understand how can I solve the problem continuing to use the vm167.dll in declare functions.

Anyway, I wait for the card and then I will try with that driver.

Tanks a lot for your attention.